Successful Step Families

For many years now, stepfamilies have become an emerging population redefining the family in our Western culture. Presently, 40% of married couples with children in the U.S. are a stepfamily, and approximately one-third of all weddings in the U.S. form a stepfamily. Sadly, of these step relationships between 60-75% end in divorce. As you can see, stepfamilies can be quite challenging.


As author and lecturer Ron L. Deal said in his book, The Smart Step Family, “Have you ever tried to put together a 3-D jigsaw puzzle without instructions and without a picture on the box to show you what the final product should look like?” Stepcouples can become lost in their role as stepmother or stepfather.


Our Step Towards Family course, in the context of Christian instruction, will teach you how to become an effective stepparent. You will learn how to “blend” your family that reflects unity, companionship, and respect.


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Don’t become a statistic.

Love your stepfamily!