frequently asked questions

1.  What can I do if I want to take Part B (Co-Parenting) and my co-parent won’t cooperate?
A:  We will attempt to contact your co-parent by phone and explain that you have completed Part A, and want to continue onto Part B.  If your co-parent refuses to cooperate, we will send you a letter (which you may submit to the court) explaining that you have made every effort to take Co-Parenting, but through no fault of yours, could not attend the class because both parents must attend together.
2.  What if I cannot afford to pay the entire cost at once?
A:  Our office staff will work with you to spread out payments, or make whatever special arrangements are necessary to pay your balance.  We cannot, however, issue an “official” Graduation Certificate unless all fees are paid by the end of the final Co-Parenting class.
3.  Can I bring my new spouse, significant other, or my own parent to Co-Parenting?
A:  No.  You can bring others (preferably not a new spouse or significant other) to our waiting room, or have that person wait for you in the parking lot, but no one but you and your co-parent may be present in the class.  In Part A, which parents usually take separately, you may bring new significant others or even one of your parents.  There is a small charge for extra people.
4.  Do you provide translators, or can I bring a translator with me?
A:  No.  We have found over a period of time that it is very difficult for others to follow the class if they are sitting near an interpreter.  Also, it is not realistic for a translator to keep up with a fast-moving class and translate at the same time.  We do have some materials in Spanish for Part A.  On Mondays and Tuesdays we have a secretary fluent in Spanish.
5.  What if I have a background of domestic violence? 
A:  Every person over many years who has asked this question have told us that a judge has instructed them to attend co-parenting class together even if there is a restraining order.  We will make special arrangements for persons with domestic violence orders to ensure your comfort, such as seating arrangements or escort to your vehicle.  Please let us know prior to taking your class if you have a current restraining order.
6.  Is there any work required between the three Co-Parenting classes?
A:  Yes.  You will be given “homework” to do at home, including some activities with your children, depending on their ages.  You will also complete fill-ins based on the text you will be given in the class.  All homework must be completed by the end of the third and final Co-Parenting class in order to receive a Graduation Certificate.  If the homework is incomplete, we provide a 30-day grace period to complete homework.  Beyond the 30-day grace period, a fee may be assessed or the course may need to be repeated.
7.  Will I be interacting directly with my co-parent in the Co-Parenting class?  
In Part B and Part C (if recommended) you will be interacting directly with your co-parent.  If you and your co-parent are not communicating, or not communicating well, we understand this may be uncomfortable.  In Part B, we discuss and teach communication techniques that will enable you and your co-parent to effectively exchange information that is important to you and your children.