About Us

Solutions For Families is widely recognized as the first divorce education and Co-parenting program to develop and offer skill-based classes for high conflict parents living apart — whether married or not. It began in San Bernardino in the early 1990s, and since then has expanded to offer classes in the Murrieta area, Palm Springs, Rancho Cucamonga, and (pending) Victorville. Solutions for Families was honored to receive the 2011 Irwin Canter “Most Innovative Program of the Year” award at an international conference of divorce professionals.

Our program, and close variations of it, is now offered in the following counties: Riverside, Los Angeles, Ventura and Mendocino. Outside of California, with the benefit of our training service and consulting, other professionals are teaching our program, or a “cross-fertilized” form of it, in Colorado (Denver and Longmont), New Hampshire, Maine, Utah, and Missouri. The number of formerly high-conflict co-parents who have transformed their “wars” and are now working together as a team for the benefit of their children numbers in the thousands. We are immensely proud of having made this valuable contribution to the lives of so many parents in so many different communities.

Although not in legal terms a non-profit organization, all of us at Solutions for Families strive for a non-monetary form of wealth:  the gratification of seeing high conflict parents shift focus off their own negative feelings toward one another and onto their children’s well-being.  A great many co-parents who complete our sequence of classes and workshops make that life-changing transformation. We know from over 20 years experience that it works!

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